Whole small peach wrapped with white peach bean paste and soft rice cake.

£5.60 - £67.20

Product Description

MOMOWAKAHIME has a small candied baby peach on the inside, and there are two layers on the outside, bean paste and rice cake.
⁡The first layer is peach flavored white bean paste which makes this small confection more peachy.
⁡The second layer is Mochi rice cake. It holds rich flavor of baby peach and bean paste inside, and once you bite this soft and sticky layer, a full of peach flavor will spread in you mouth.
⁡A whole baby peach is gently wrapped with these two wonderful layers.



1 piece - Net weight 45g



Allergen Information




Nutrition information

See Info



Shelf Life

12 days




Seasonal, Mochi


For Gluten Free


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