TSUYA (Dorayaki)

Sweet red bean paste sandwiched in Japanese-style pancake. Traditional Japanese sweets known as “DORAYAKI”.

£3.50 - £52.50

Product Description

DORAYAKI, a traditional Japanese pancake with sweet red bean, loved by many people from the young to the old in Japan, and now in the world.

Sweet red bean paste is essential for DORAYAKI. As it is simply made from Azuki beans and sugar, choosing good ingredients is important. The bean pastes in our products are mainly manufactured in our own factory in Tottori prefecture, Japan, where fresh and clean water are available. It is also the key to make tasty bean paste.    




1 piece - Net weight 90g


Allergen Information

Egg, Wheat, Soya


Nutrition information

See Info


Shelf Life

10 days




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