Genmai + Hojicha
Roasted green tea stem with organic brown rice.


Product Description

Genmai Houji cha

Shinbara Special Mix loose tea 150g packet.

(Roasted Kagoshima Green tea stems- Kuki - with Roasted Brown Rice)

* everyday drink for after meals and before sleep.

* extremely low caffeine content due to the "Kuki" content (stems contain no caffeine).

* ideal as a nighttime tea and for children.

* by coating the stomach walls it aids digestion, soaks up cholesterol and helps detoxify your system.

* brown rice has a natural component of gamma-oryzanol which aids liver function.

* put 1 level tablespoon in a teapot and add approximately 1000mls of boiling water.



1 pack - Net weight 150g


Allergen Information



Shelf Life

10 month



Japanese Tea


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