The Piccadilly area long term development plan will be commencing very soon.
Unfortunately, Minamoto Kitchoan has to evacuate their building on 10th October 2021
in order to accommodate this major development plan.
We are at present looking for new premises in a suitably select area
and will provide details of the new address in the future.


We can accept online orders as always.
However, Due to a significant delay in product arrival from Japan,
many of our products are currently out of stock online.
We have no stock of Matcha mochi, White peach mochi, Tsukuyomi and seasonal products.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Sweet-boiled chestnut wrapped in sweet chestnut paste.

From £4.00

White peach flavor Mochi rice cake.
from £13.00 

Chestnuts Dorayaki pan cake.

from £3.20 

Fluffy and moist Japanese sponge cake.
from £20.00 

Sugar glazed layered ring shaped sponge cake.

from £20.00 

Signature Wagashi

Seasonal Wagashi

Japanese Confectionery

Wagashi is traditional Japanese sweets typically made from natural ingredients such as Azuki red beans, grains, sugar, agar and fruits. The master craft of Wagashi, the art and skill have been passed on through generations as an epitome of the Japanese culture. And its taste and beautifulness have been fascinating people.