Due to the commencement of the Piccadilly Area Long-Term Development Plan,
Minamoto Kitchoan had to evacuate its building on 10th October 2021.
We are currently looking for suitable premises and will provide full details of this in due course.
However, please do not worry,
We are accepting orders through our website.

New year Assortment S
New year Assortment M
New year Assortment L
New year Assortment XL
Sweet-boiled chestnut wrapped in sweet chestnut paste.
A Kumquat covered with white
bean paste and  rice cake.
Goldfishes are swimming in white grape flavoured jelly.
Whole apple with apple jelly. 

Signature Wagashi

Seasonal Wagashi


A candied Kumquat(small orange citrus) covered with white bean paste and soft rice cake with flaky powder.

From £4.60

Japanese Confectionery

Wagashi is traditional Japanese sweets typically made from natural ingredients such as Azuki red beans, grains, sugar, agar and fruits. The master craft of Wagashi, the art and skill have been passed on through generations as an epitome of the Japanese culture. And its taste and beautifulness have been fascinating people.